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New wedding themes: Lovebirds and Ever After

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At the beginning of 2012, we launched our wedding theme Forever and let you in on how you can use WordPress to document and share your wedding experience with your friends and family. Now we’re doing it again. Get the rose petals and bubbles ready, here come our two new wedding themes, Lovebirds and Ever After.

Lovebirds, a sweet theme with whimsical illustrations by our very own Caroline Moore, allows you to inform your guests about your journey and upcoming celebration — in style.


The lovely cursive font adds just the right amount of garnish to the clean layout, providing you with a beautiful, clear frame in which to tell your story. Where did you meet? How did the proposal occur? Who’s in the wedding party? Where will the wedding take place? Spare none of the details! Take the demo for a spin or learn more about Lovebirds

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